Academy Recreational

Exercise, Fun, and Fitness

Academy is a high energy, high quality recreational program. The Academy's philosophy is to allow every child to be challenged in a fun environment with small class ratios and caring certified instructors.

Each session brings exciting events such as: Bring a Friend Day, Carnival Gym-A-Thon, Fitness Challenge Week, Picture Day and more. These events make learning gymnastics fun!

Most programs participate in our holiday recital and year-end show. Every program receives a report card, certificate and award at the end of the year. A customized level system is used to ensure all children are challenged and always feel like they are having success.

Parent & Tot (18 months - 2 years)

In this class, toddlers are joined with a parent (or other adult) to develop basic motor skills by trying new things on different gymnastics apparatus. It’s an opportunity for your child to develop socially and physically in a fun playful environment. Some events include Balance Beam, Trampoline, Bars, Vault and Floor.

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Kinderfun (2.5-3.5yrs)

A program where your child can learn their basic gymnastics skills such as front roll, baby handstand, jumping with two feet etc.
Various circuits are used in a fun and challenging way as well as time on Balance Beam, Trampoline, Bars, Vault and Floor.

Parents do not participate in the class but are welcome to watch from our viewing area.

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Jr.GymFun (4-4.5yrs)(5-7yrs)

This program is a great start for your child to learn the basics of balance, strength, coordination, flexibility, and confidence. The instruction is geared to each athlete’s ability and development level.

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Sr.GymFun (Girls 7yrs+)

This class is structured from the basic beginner to the intermediate level because each gymnast learns and progresses at their own pace. Each gymnast will learn the basic fundamental skills on all of the apparatus.

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Xcel Programs
(Girls 7+ and Teens)

Children selected for Xcel programs are ages 7 and up and generally attend once per week for 3 or 3.5 hours. This is a great program for teens who would like something a little more challenging than the general recreational classes. This program is also suited for children who have advanced through a recreational program or show above average athletic ability. This program provides introduction to competitive gymnastics, with personalized routines to fit individual abilities. This new advanced program offers athletes more learning and skill development opportunities in a team building environment. Athletes are welcome to participate in our holiday recital and year end show. By invitation - please call for assessment.

Other Advanced Programs

Children selected for Advanced Kinder and Mini-Pre are ages 3 and 4 and will train 2-4 hours per week. By test or invitation only - please call for information and assessment.

Ninja Warrior Gymnastics

Achieve. Overcome. Conquer. In this new program, athletes will be challenged by obstacle courses, exercises and contests that involve strength, speed, agility, coordination, flexibility and focus.

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